Gloves & Glory 4 International Kickboxing

Great show in Dungarvan on Saturday night.
Adam Keane reclaimed his IKF Senior Full Contact -69.5kg crown over 5 rounds to beat Northern Ireland’s Paul Kelly and Cian MC Cormack became the new IKF 64.5kg Junior K-1 All Ireland champ after a masterclass win over Josh Loverage from Bray.
Corey O Malley scored a draw with local fighter Scott Lennon and Jennifer Duggan/Baranyai took an exhibition fight on a days notice with Anna Damyzan from Dungarvan.
Brett Egen retained his European title in devastating fashion with a 5th round stoppage over a tough French fighter and hopes to challenge for a World Title later in the year and Belfasts Gail Snoddy had to go the distance with Sharon Lynch from Dungarvan in a tough defence of her -53.5kg title but remains the champ.
Scott Carey from Tipperary won his IKF Junior All Ireland -50.9kg title in a war against Darragh MC Garry from Limerick and Alice Mahoney from Thurles won a decision over Tipperary Town lass Chloe Quinn in another classic fight to become the new IKF Senior All Ireland champ at -49.09kg.
1/ AM Junior Kickboxing:  Tiernan Dee Ryan from deise Kickboxing in Dungarvan defeated Patrick Beary from Tipperary Kickboxing by decision. 20-19, 20-20, 20-18.
2/ AM Junior kickboxing:  Rihanna lynch from Deise kickboxing defeated Hayley Coughlan by withdrawal in round one.
3/ AM FCR:  Corey  O Malley, Galway, Ireland (3-1-1, 57kg, 5’7’’, 07-02-01, Pete Foley, 078 8119227) and Scott Lennon, Dungarvan, Ireland (0-1-1, 58kg, 5’5’’, 01-19-02, Vinny O Brien) forught to a draw. 28-29, 28-28, 29-28.
4/ AM FCR: Bradley Beck, N. Ireland (10-2-1, 59.6kg, 5’10’’, 01-17-01, Wilson Snoddy, 07766447179) defeated Aaron Coyle, Donegal, Ireland 93-4-1, 60kg, 5’7’’, 08-30-99, Joe Wilson) by judges decision.  30-25, 30-25, 30-25.
5/ Exibition: Connor Mc Grath, Dungarvan and David Phelan, Waterford fought a non decision exhibition bout.
6/ AM FCR Senior  All Ireland Strawweight Title:  Alice O’ Mahoney, Thurles, Ireland (3-1-1,  47.6kg, 5’, 04-05-82, Pat John Mc Coole) defeated Chloe Quinn, Tipperary, Ireland (7-4-2,  48kg, 5’2’’, 02-24-98, Craig Sutton) by judges decision to claim the vacant IKF All Ireland Strawweight Title.  49-46, 48-47, 48-47.
7/ AM FCR: Claudiu Rovinaru, Cavin, Ireland (1-2, 63kg, 5’8’’, Larry mc Quaid, 087 2925560) defeated Eoin Maher, 62kg, 5’8’’, 05-03-97, Diarmuid Maher, 085 718058) by judges decision.  30-26, 30-26, 29-27.
8/ AM FCR: Sean Birrane, Tipperary, Ireland (3-1, 86kg, 6’1’’, 09-21-88, Craig Sutton)  defeated Jamie Walsh, Dungarvan, Ireland (0-3, 85.2kg, 6’4’’, 12-31-94, Vinny O Brien) by TKO in round two.  Jamie Walsh is medically suspended for 30 days until May 9th, 2016 due to the stoppage.
9/ AM FCR: luke Burke, Carlow, Ireland (12-5, 59kg, 5’9’’, 03-25-00, Patsy Whelan, 087 8111333) defeated  Darren Morning, 6-2-1, 58.5kg, 5’8’’, 04-30-00, Joe Wilson) by withdrawal after round two.
10/ AM FCR: Noel Tierney, Cookstown, Ireland (51-6, 79kg, 6’3’’, 11-22-85, Joe Hagan) defeated Diarmuid Maher, Carlow, Ireland (19-10, 81kg, 6’1’’, 05-02-80, Self, 085 7180586) by judges decision.  30-28, 30-28, 30-30.
11/ Exibition: Jennifer Baranyai, Galway, Ireland and Anna Damazym from Dungarvan fought a non decision exibition bout.
12/ AM FCR Senior All Ireland Super Welterweight Title:  Former champion Adam Keane, Galway, Ireland (9-7-3, 69.4kg, 5’8’’, 07-20-91, Pete Foley, 087 8119227) regained his old crown by defeating Paul Kelly, Donegal, Ireland (3-7, 69kg, 5’11’’, 06-09-88, Joe Hagan, 07956586100) by judges decision to win the recently vacated title.  49-47, 46-48, 48-47.
13/ AM FCR: Paul Wright, Dungarvan, Ireland (3-0, 65.5kg, 6’, 04-11-94, Vinny O Brien) defeated John Paul Mc Carthy, Tipperary, Ireland (0-2, 66kg, 5’8’’, 06-27-94, Craig Sutton) by judges decision. 30-26, 30-27, 30-26.
14/ AM FCR Junior All Ireland Atomweight Title:  Scott Carey, Tipperary, Ireland (21-7-3, 50kg, 5’, 05-15-03, Craig Sutton) defeated Darragh Garry, Limerick, Ireland (5-1, 49kg, 5’, Tony O Donnell, 061 368608) by judges decision to win the vacant title. 49-47, 50-48, 49-45.
15/ AM K-1:  Adam Coleman, Waterford, Ireland (26-4, 70kg, 5’6’’, 09-23-92, Vinny O Brien) defeated Gherado Frusci, Carlow, Ireland  (8-9-2, 69kg, 175cm, 02-21-81, Diarmuid Maher) by judges decision. 30-28, 30-27, 29-28.
16/ AM FCR Senior All Ireland Flyweight Title Defence:  Current Champion Gail Snoddy, N. Ireland (15-10-2, 53kg, 5’2’’, 05-09-80, Wilson Snoddy, 07766447179) defeated Sharon Lynch, Waterford, Ireland (4-4, 53kg, 5’3’’, 09-27-88, Vinny O Brien, 083 4218676) by judges decision in a mandatory first defence of her title. 50-45, 49-46, 50-45.
17/ AM K-1 Junior All Ireland Light Welterweight  Title:   Cian Mc Cormack, Galway, Ireland (16-1, 64.5kg, 5’11’’, 12-08-98, Pete Foley, 087 8119227) defeated Josh Loverage, Bray, Ireland (26-6, 63.5kg, 174cm, 02-03-99, Massan Ghorbani, 087 3657431) by judges decision to win the vacant title. 50-45, 49-46, 50-45.
18/ AM IR Senior European Light Cruiserweight Title Defence:  Current Champion Brett Egen, Waterford, Ireland (21-3, 84kg, 6’2’’, 05-16-86, Vinny O Brien)  defeated Ghoucha Mustapha, France (81.7kg, 178cm, 01-10-95, Silvert, 0659511210) by TKO in round five in a mandatory first defence of his title to remain champion. Ghoucha Mustapha is medically suspended for 30 days until May 9th, 2016 due to the stoppage.