Oldcastle Fight Night

New IKF Promoter Sean O Neill from O’ Neills Fitness & Kickboxing in Oldcastle, Co. Meath, put on a first class promotion for his first show.

O’Neill, who is also a multi champion Kickboxer, pulled out all the stops and had a packed to capacity crowd of enthusiastic and sporting fight fans in the fabulous, newly renovated Castle Cinema in the small Co. Meath town.

MC Justin, who owns a barber shop in the village, started proceedings pretty much on time and the DJ blasted out tunes much to the delight and excitement of the six hundred or so present and as it was the first Kickboxing show ever in the town, the anticipations were high.

The show certainly didn’t dissapoint as Sean had 14 bouts (including a couple of demos) on including an IKF Irish Title as main event and a heavyweight K-1 bout as the grand finale.

Everyone did a great job and special credit goes to Doctor Julie Cadden as it was her first kickboxing gig and she looked after all the fighters very well and attended to knockouts and cuts with ease.

She was accompanied by the Civil Defence who were also very pro active and very helpful and everything was extremely professional.

Results and suspensions as follows:

1/ IKF Junior Kickboxing:

Sigitas Balciunas from O Neill Fitness, Oldcastle defeated Aaron Clarke from Billy O Sullivans, Waterford by decision.  20-18, 20-18, 19-19.


Joe Lynch, Oldcastle,  Ireland (1-0-1, 54kg, 5’6”, 09-16-01, Sean O Neill, 087 9262757) defeated Sean Murphy, Waterford, Ireland (0-1, 55.6kg, 02-16-99, Billy O Sullivan, 085 8589902) by decision.  30-27, 30-27, 29-28).


Pijus Drevinskas, Meath, Ireland (2-1, 72.9kg, 5’9”, 05-29-01, Sean O Neill, 087 9262757) defeated Martin Murray, Kilkenny, Ireland (0-1, 72kg, 5’11”, 10-21-99, Dermot O Rourke, 086 0607889) by head kick knockout at 1.22 of the first round.

Martin Murray is medically suspended for 45 days due to the knockout until 10th January, 2017.


Sean Birrane, Tipperary, Ireland (3-1, 80kg, 6’1”, 09-21-88, Craig Sutton) defeated Patrick Skerritt, Clare, Ireland (0-1, 5’11”, 81kg, 09-02-80, Tony O Donnell) by withdrawal after round two.

5/  White Collar Boxing:

Paul Lynch from Oldcastle and Nicky Brunton from Oldcastle both fought to a draw.


Brian Gibney, Meath, Ireland (1-0, 84kg, 185cm, 10-17-94, Sean O Neill, 087 9262757) defeated Damian Smith, Cavin, Ireland (0-1,  82kg, 6′, 10-03-81, Larry Mc Quaid, 087 2925300) by TKO.

Damian Smith is medically suspended for 30 days until 26 December, 2016 due to the stoppage.


Anna Damazyn, Dungarvan, Ireland (3-1, 57.4kg, 166cm, 01-14-88, Vinny O Brien, 083 4218676) defeated Shannon Mc Guire, Meath, Ireland (0-2, 57.9kg, 165cm, 03-26-90, Sean O Neill, 087 9262757) by TKO in round two.

Shannon Mc Guire is medically suspended for 30 days until 26 December, 2016 due to the stoppage.

8/ White Collar Boxing:

Rachel Mc Guire, Meath, Ireland and Joanne Tynan, Meath, Ireland fought to a draw.

9/ IKF FCR Junior All Ireland Flyweight Title.

Ciaran Healy, Meath, Ireland (5-1, 51.3kg, 5’4”, 07-14-01, Sean O Neill) defeated Darragh Mc Garry, Limerick, Ireland (8-2-1, 51.5kg, 5’6”, 08-14-16) by corner withdrawal to win the vacant title.

10/ White Collar Boxing:

Johnny Boylan, Cavin, Ireland and Mark Fitzsimmons, Cavin, Ireland fought to a draw.

11/ IKF AM K-1:

Gytis Lisinskas, Oldcastle, Meath, Ireland (4-0, 96.3kg, 193cm, 10-03-98, Sean O Neill, 087 9262757) defeated Patrick Joyce, Trim, Meath, Ireland (4-1, 94.3kg, 183cm, Bobby Nolan, 085 1219102) by decision.  30-27, 30-27, 30-27.