Kid’s Kickboxing


Kid’s Kickboxing Classes are available every Wednesday at  7.00pm for beginners & improvers and Saturday at 1.00pm  for ages seven to twelve years old.

These classes are great for getting kids fit, strong, building their confidence, interaction with other kids, toning up and learning a useful life skill.

There are also opportunities for kids to compete with their peers at tournaments around Ireland and even further afield in other countries but it should be noted – they are not in any way compelled to compete and are more than welcome to just train.

Competitive kids who are interested in fighting will need to have a special insuranc as their school insurance doesn’t cover Martial Arts.

Little Dragons Classes for four to six year old children are available every Friday at 5.00pm – these classes are a lovely introduction to martial arts and kickboxing and coach Catherine, a 3rd Dan Black Belt,   concentrates on teaching the kids balance and co-ordination exercises through the medium of martial arts games and drills.  They are strictly non contact and are a great stepping stone to the next level.