White collar Boxing

White Collar Boxing:

Find Out More about our White Collar Boxing Programmes in Galway – just contact Pete Foley on 087 8119227 for more information.
To date, we have worked with such charities as The Irish Heart Foundation, the Galway Hospice,  Blood Bike West, The Rape Crisis Centre, Abalta special needs,  the Galway Diocesen Youth Services and even The Galway Senior Football Team.

We train boxers with little or no experience over an 8 week programme  with up to 3 sessions per week in our city centre based, fully equipped Martial Arts Supercentre, which guarantees to get them in great shape and eventually matching them off in  the ring for a three round contest  in a professionally ran fight night with all the bells & whistles including: DJ, MC, Ring Girls, Lighting & smoke walk out on an elevated platform, full bar etc.

A minimum of three experienced instructors oversee the training and there are male and female showers/Toilets/Changing rooms and of course plenty of free parking outside – we even have a bicycle rack.

All boxers are required to have a full medical examination with their GP before being matched off and as safety is paramount, a fully equipped ambulance with uniformed medical staff and certified Doctor will be at ringside on fight night.

White Collar Boxing is a great way to:

1/ learn a new life skill that could prove extremely useful in this day and age.

2/ Super Charge your fitness levels and tone up and lose weight.

3/ Meet like minded people and make new friends for life.

4/ Boost your confidence levels to an all time high.

We have a new White Collar Boxing Programme commencing on Tuesday 31st March, 2020 and anyone interested in signing up should get in touch ASAP.

Life is short – what are you waiting for?