Summer Camps 2019

Summer Camps:

Our Annual Martial Arts Summer Camps for children aged four years to thirteen years of age, are held in the Galway Black Dragon Kickboxing Gym on Sean Mulvoy Road, Galway from 11am to 2pm each day.

(Please note: we finish at 1.45pm on the final day of each camp for giving out prizes etc).

Black Dragon camps cover a wide range of activities such as Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, K-1, Judo, Karate, Kung Fu, Wrestling, MMA, Archery, Safety Weapons, as well as a wide range of fun activities such as indoor soccer, penalty shots, dodge ball, tunnel rat circuit course, tag teams and much more – the whole idea is for the kids to have fun while exercising and learning useful life skills.
The Galway Black Dragon Kickboxing Gym is fitted out to the highest standards and all Instructors are highly qualified, high ranking, World recognised Black Belts, fully insured & indemnified, certified in the Irish Sports Council Childrens Code Of Ethics, certified in “Children First” with Tusla, certified First Aiders and of course are fully Garda Vetted.

Children should bring a healthy packed lunch each day with them to the camp (please avoid crisps, sweets, chocolate, yogurts, fizzy drinks etc) and also bring plenty of water.

They will have at least 3 breaks per day (more if the weather is very hot) to keep their energy levels up and help keep them well hydrated.

Our first five day Summer Camp of 2019 starts on Monday 15th July and runs all week until Friday 6th July.


Our second Summer Camp of 2019 is a three day camp – Tuesday 13th Aug, Wednesday 14th August & Thursday 15th August.

Booking are taken on 087 8119227 so give your child the gift of confidence and sign him/her or them up without delay.