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Black Dragon Kickboxing, Galway

Kickboxing Training

One of the Best Gyms in the Country

Sharpen the Mind and Body...

Welcome to Black Dragon where beginners and fighters train together in a welcoming environment. Our beginner-friendly classes and experienced instructors will guide you through each move.

Learn from and train alongside some of the best fighters in the country. Our gym is dedicated to creating an inclusive community for everyone, join us and discover the power of kickboxing.

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Picture of Pete Foley
Over 45 Years of Kickboxing Experience

Reach Your Highest Level

With 48 years of hands-on experience, knowledge, and expertise, Pete has trained over 24 world champions including Paul Cummins, Ken “the hitman” Horan, Whitney Sheppard and most recently, Cian McCormack.

Pete is a former Irish, British and International freestyle Karate & kickboxing champion. He also won the British Amateur Thai Boxing Championships in 1986 in Manchester which was promoted by the world-renowned Master Toddy.

Expert Equipment and Facilities

Train at a Dedicated Gym

After an illustrious career, Pete introduced the sport of Kickboxing to Galway in 1996.

Today it looks like...

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Man throwing a high kick and another man blocking it with his gloves by his head
Gain Confidence

Empowering Yourself

Kickboxing forges your body and mind into a leader, role model, and protector of your loved ones

It instils discipline into every corner of your life, leaving you with less mental chatter

And more grounding in the present moment

No matter where you're from, how old you are, or how much experience you have

Black Dragon warmly welcomes everyone


Start Your Kickboxing Journey

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Learn the Sport

With the Expertise of...

Pete Foley
Certified personal trainer, gym instructor, IABA boxing coach and Garda Liaison Officer.
Certified in first aid and child protection.
8th Dan Black Belt in Kickboxing and 5th Dan Black Belt in Karate.
Undoubtedly one of the most capable teachers of martial arts in the entire nation.
Clodagh Foley
Former All Ireland and European Kickboxing Champion.
Recently came out of retirement in 2019 to win out the Ladies Veterans division in the Unified World Championships in Italy.
Personal trainer, gym instructor, kettlebells instructor, spin bike instructor, LGFA coach, sports nutritionist.
Certified in first aid, child protection and is fully garda vetted 
Catherine Collins
Former All Ireland and Five Nations Kickboxing Champion
She has been looking after the Little Dragons Programme for children aged 4 to 6 years old for over a decade.
Personal trainer and gym instructor
Certified in first aid, child protection and is fully garda vetted.  

Three pictures, One of pete, one of catherine and one of clodagh
Man high kicking a bag
One to One Training

For Older Adults

Break free from the restraints of group classes

Reap the mental and physical benefits of kickboxing...

For your specific goals

On your OWN schedule!

Learn to Box as a Group

How Group Classes Work

The most popular and loved option, and for good reason! 

Starts with a 6 week beginner class to build a ROCK SOLID foundation 

Graduate to fighter's class where you'll learn advanced techniques 

World class guidance and care to prepare you for sparring

Group class in action
Boost Your Childs Confidence

Joining Our Kids Classes

Our Little Dragons love the safe and engaging environment that is led by Catherine

Watch your child grow out of their confidence issues and connect with other children their age!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find detailed information below on our most commonly asked questions. If you feel your question has still not been answered, then just contact us below, and we will help you the best we can.

What if I have never done kickboxing before?
Is there much contact?
What if I am not fit?
What age groups are taught in the kids classes?
What clothing or gear will I need to wear?
How often does the senior group train?
How should I book my first lesson?
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Ready to Start?

"Always look forward to training, great atmosphere no egos. Highly recommend it to all levels."

Whitney Sheppard
IKF World Amatuer K-1 Champion

"My time training one on one with Pete was a great experience. Pete has the perfect mix of fitness and technique and also hard work and fun. You are guaranteed to come from every class with a tonne of knowledge and a smile on your face. 10/10."

Jason Best
Galway City Gym & Apollo Health & Wellness.

“In 2007 as part of our Pre-season training with the Connacht Rugby Team we introduced boxing training as part of our conditioning. The players really enjoyed & benefitted from the coaching & facilities at Pete Foley’s gym“

Dr Kevin Cradock
Former Head of Strength & Conditioning Connacht Rugby

Fantastic. My son is a member of the kids kickboxing club. He loves it. Clodagh and Pete are world renowned trainers. So professional and lovely people. Thanks guys. Keep up the great work.

Hillary O Halloran

I have attended privates with Pete and class at Black Dragon for nearly 15 years! Each class is thoroughly enjoyable, Pete is a complete professional who’s knowledge of martial arts and fitness is second to none. Pete and Clodagh’s attitude, welcome and dedication to each individual member is outstanding and is one of the many reasons why the club is so successful..

Joe Newell
PT Client

"Did a beginners course 7 years ago having never been involved any kind of physical sports. Never looked back. Great instructors and welcoming environment. I have made some great friends over the years and would highly recommend for those looking for something different and rewarding"

ColM Dunphy

"My two kids have been training at black dragon for a number of years - both of them love it, especially my older son, he tells me it's his life. Every child should know how to defend themselves and I would highly recommend black dragon kickboxing 👊. Pete and Clodagh are great coaches and always very nice to deal with 😊."

Mary Van Strien.

"Brilliant gym, can't recommend Pete Foley enough!"

Kenneth Charleton

"I brought my son to Pete when he was 14 for some one to one Personal Training as he was having some difficulties at school and as a Mother I wanted him to have some skills in self defence and discipline. Pete was fantastic with him and for him. He is now 18 and in a really good place and both he and I would say Pete’s personal training were a great help in getting him through one of those difficult typical teenage phases.”

Mary Jordan.

Amazing place to grab a workout for any experience level. Excellent environment , friendly and helpful coaches. Would definitely recommend to anyone.

Oisin Concannon

Simply saying it's a great gym is underrating the Black Dragon Kick Boxing Gym! As a foreigner,  the Black Dragon makes me felt at home. People there are nice and friendly and it's a pleasure and honour to train with an inclusive big family  like this.

JiaXin Chai

Great place for a full body workout and to socialize

Darren van strien

"Absolutely excellent, professional and kids love to go , Thank you, great work :)."

Anita Sablic

"Before I started with Pete I had no experience in kickboxing and loved it after the very first session. I did 1-on-1 training with Pete and couldn’t believe my progress over the months. I built up strength and fitness while also having the craic! Pete is a professional trainer and a great teacher and I would highly recommend him to anyone."

Emma Conlan
PT Client

"I started personal training sessions with Pete Foley back in January 2022 to learn some self defence skills and maintain my fitness levels. I was not confident enough to go straight into group sessions so the PT’s were a great introduction to the sport. After a few classes, I joined as a member of the Black dragon gym and haven’t looked back since"

Joshua Rippon
PT Client

"Look no further than Black Dragon to attend kickboxing classes!! They go above and beyond to develop skills, encourage and motivate. There is such a lovely atmosphere, while maintaining high standards of professionalism."

Anne Marie Mc Donagh

"Amazing full body workout. Encouraging trainers all the way and pushy just enough to get past the burn. Honestly Clodagh and Pete, BLACK DRAGON. AMAZING. I will never look back."

Maureen Madden

"The club is both very professional and friendly, just like the coaches! Pete and Clodagh are amazing people, always encouraging, supportive and highly qualified. There is something for everybody and "every body", from training for pure fitness to progression in fighting at all levels (with many opportunities to fight). I really enjoyed my last 3 years in the club, and am looking forward to the next ones!"

Cécile Robin

"I came to Black Dragon to do PT sessions with Pete following two injuries.
Pete helped me regain my fitness while modifying exercises to ensure I would not re-injure or aggravate my injuries.
Pete always takes a professional approach,listens to my concerns & takes a flexible approach to overcome any difficulties.
I can highly recommend PT Sessions at The Black Dragon."

Laura Thornton
PT Client

"I’ve tried many personal trainers and programs down through the years but none were as enjoyable and achieved results like Petes. His sessions were tailor made and individualised to my objectives. Pete is very professional, well qualified and fun to work with. Highly recommend"

Conor Flanagan.
PT Client
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